Generating Reports

Reports allows view and download your raw business data as CSV reports. Reports can be customised to your specific business needs, covering customer data, payment data (payments, invoices, items, wallets) and booking data (by service, group, resource, staff, events, prepaid), and viewed by day, week, month or over all time.

From the Dashboard, click Insights

Under Reports, click View.

Select the Customer Reports tab to generate Reports on Customer details and bookings broken down by members.

Select the Booking Reports tab to generate Reports by Service, Group, Resource, or Staff. 

Select the Purchase Reports tab to generate Reports for Online Payments, Purchases, Invoices, and Wallets. 

Within the selected tab, navigate to the desired report you wish to generate and click Create.

Enter the Date Range you want the report to generate for, or skip those fields. (It is recommended that if you have a lot of data that you provide a Date Range as too much data can take a long time to collect.) 

Click CSV to create the Report.

After the Report is generated you will have the option to go to Saved Reports at the top of your screen in a green bar. If you wish to view the Report at a later time, you can find them under Insights > Saved Reports

(Saved Reports will only be kept for a months time. If you wish to keep the Reports longer you can download them any time within a months time. See Viewing Saved Reports for more information on how to view and download Saved Reports.)

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