Using the Publish Business Menu


From the Dashboard, click Publish.


The </>Widget field allows you to take bookings directly from your site by embedding the BookingBug widget. To embed the widget, you need to copy the text below and add it to the HTML code of your website. For some help and tips on how to do this, select the help question mark above. Click Customise Widget to customise the look of your embed-able BookingBug Widget.


The Public Site field provides you with your very own simple, customisable website that you can take bookings from. You can use this as your whole website or you can simply link to it from your main webpage (see the 'Book Now' button section below). Click View Public Site to see how the Public site will look. Click Configure Public Site to customise the look of your Public Site.


The Book Now buttons field allows you to, if you are using your BookingBug public website to take bookings, to add 'Book Now' buttons to your site. Click Customise Book Now buttons to customise the look of the buttons to fit your site.

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