Embedding the JRNI Widget

You can embed your JRNI Widget directly into your own website to allow your Customers to make Bookings and Enquiries without needing to be redirected to a third party website.

Your booking calendar will appear on your site as a Widget - for the more technical, you are embedding an iframe with a single line of HTML script. 

JRNI allows you to customise the size, style, and colours of your widget so that it fits smoothly into your website and gives your Customers a seamless bookings experience. To embed your widget, follow these steps:

In your JRNI account:

Click Publish.

If you do not wish to customise your JRNI widget you can take the script from the Widget field on this page to embed into your site.

If you wish to customise your JRNI widget, from the Publish menu, click Customise Widgets. Change the desired settings to customise the widget to your needs and copy the script from this page under the Script to Copy for specific widget field. (See the article under Publish > Customise Widget for more information on customising the widget.)

It is recommended that if you plan to embed the widget that you customise it to accurately fit your site. 

In your website:

Take the JRNI script you will be using.

Many website building toolkits include an option to add an HTML element, widget, or simply Custom HTML. 

Select this option and paste in your JRNI script and select update/save.

Your JRNI booking calendar should now appear in your website.

If your website does not allow this, we recommend searching their help articles for 'custom HTML' or emailing their support to find out how to embed custom HTML.

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