How To Show Availability but only take Booking on a Specific Start Date

In your widget, you may wish to show all of your availability, but only allow bookings to commence on certain days of the week. 

For example, if you rent out a holiday cottage and only wish to take 5-day bookings that commence on a Monday, but you would also like people to be able to contact you for booking weekend breaks, then this setting is perfect for you. 

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Services.

Change the Service Type field to Day-Based. This will enable an additional option called Non-Start Days.

By default this option will be set to Bookings can start on any day, however, you can choose Bookings can start only on specific days, which will open a check box list for you to select which days you wish to be bookable start days.

Click Save.

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