Example Setup: Dog Walking Service (Who & What)

Who / What / Where menu allows you to choose what Staff (the Who) can do what Services (the What). This tutorial will provide an example of how you can use this to make sure that certain Staff members are not booked for Services that they do not provide.

Say the business is a Dog Walking Service with 3 staff members, John, Mike, and Ken. You provide two basic services, 1 Hour dog walks, and 30 min dog walks.

John provides both 1 Hour and 30 min dog walking services.

Mike provides just the 1 Hour dog walking service.

Ken provides just the 30 min dog walking service.

In the Who/What/Where menu, you can check or uncheck boxes to make it so that Ken can not be booked for a 1 Hour dog walking service, and so that Mike can not take bookings for 30 min dog walking services, and so that John has the ability to take on both 1 Hour and 30 min dog walking service bookings.

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