Setting Different Service Durations

If you only have a small number of services then the simplest option is to just set up a separate service for each duration - e.g. 60 Minute Massage, 90 Minute Massage. This setup will work if you have your Service Type set to Fixed Time

To enable this setting, from the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon

Click Dept Settings.

Click Services.

Click Change under Service Type field and select Fixed time and click Save.

If you have a long list of services or want to keep each duration setup within one service so the customer first selects the service and then chooses which duration then you can follow these instructions:

From the Dashboard, click Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings

Click Services.

Click Change under Service Type field and select Variable Flex Time and click Save.

If your service type was set to Fixed Time and you already have services set up you will need to remove them first from Configure

To set different duration with different prices, from the Dashboard, click Configure

Click Services.

Mouse-over the Actions icon for the desired Service and click Edit.

In the Time Settings tab you will now have the option to create different durations for different prices.

Click Create Another to add another duration.

Click Update when complete. 

When you customers select the service, then select their time, they will be asked to choose how long they would like their booking to be for.

With Variable Flex time you can also configure Travel Time if required.

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