Uploading Documents to JRNI

To upload files or documents to attach to customer profiles, JRNI uses dropbox. 

Dropbox is a great tool for businesses wishing to store documents securely in the cloud and access them instantly from any mobile device. 

You can now upload any documents saved in your Dropbox account and attach them to specific customer profiles. This could be useful for saving things like Payment Confirmations, Contracts, Training Schedules and more.

From the Dashboard, click Customers.

Click View next to the desired Customer, then click Basic Details on the left-hand menu.

Click Add Files from Dropbox. This will open up your Dropbox folder. Select the desired files to upload and click Choose

You will now see a list of the uploaded files at the bottom of the Basic Details page for that Customer.

Click Update when finished to save the changed for that Customer.

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