Adding & Removing Images from Widget

JRNI allows you to upload an image for each service/person and resource that you set up. This picture will be displayed next to the respective name on the booking widget. 

To enable this feature; From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Widget

Check off Display images in the widget

Click Save

To add images to JRNI; From the Dashboard, click Configure

Click Images.

Click Add New Image +.

Click Choose File, and select the desired file.

Click Crop and Save or Save Without Crop to save the image into JRNI. 

To apply these images to a Staff/Resource/Service; From the Dashboard, click Configure.

Click the necessary settings page. (This tutorial selects Staff.)

Click the Placement Holder image next to the desired Staff. 

Click Select From Existing Images or Choose File if you did not load the image into JRNI previously.

Select the image and click Crop and Save or Save Without Crop.

The image will now be assigned to that Staff/Service/Resource.

Please note that the images should be as close to square as possible and should be as small as possible - if you upload very large images this will still work but it will cause your booking widget to load much more slowly on your website.

We recommend that if you have this option selected that you upload an image for every one of your services, people and resources. 

To remove and image from JRNI; From the Dashboard, click Configure.

Click Images.

Click the desired image you wish to remove.

Click Delete Image. The image will be removed.

Note that if you assign an image to a Staff/Resource/Service you will need to delete that instance of the image from the Images page under the necessary categories. Deleting from Uncategorised does not remove all instances of the image.

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