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BookingBug users can now take card payments in person through iPhone or iPad with a PayPal Here card reader from within the BookingBug mobile app.

This is a great way to take customer payments in person from wherever you like through your mobile device. It is particularly ideal for mobile or non-office-based businesses such as mobile therapists, driving instructors, plumbers, personal trainers etc.

Step 1 – PayPal Here set-upEnsure you have registered with PayPal Here, and that you have the PayPal Here device. Learn how to purchase yours: United Kingdom, United States, Australia 

Step 2 – BookingBug set-up:If you still don't have it, download the BookingBug App to your device and log in to it with your usual BookingBug username and password.

Step 3 – PayPal Here automatically detected in BookingBug app: The option to select PayPal Here in the Mobile Payments section is available.

Step 4 – taking payments:When you’d like to take a payment, tap on the booking for which you will be taking it.

Step 5 – Tap on the Payment button.

Step 6– Choose ‘Take PayPal Here Payment” and the PayPal Here app will open automatically.

Step 7–Take the payment as per the on-screen PayPal Here instructions.

Wait until the confirmation screen

Step 8–You can also send an e-receipt directly from the app to your customer’s email address.

Step 9 – The next step isVERY IMPORTANT. Once payment is taken you’ll see this page:
YOU MUST PRESS THE ‘New Sale’ Button. This will return you to the BookingBug app and importantly mark the booking as paid in the system. If you don’t press, don’t worry, you can always manually update in the app later but it’s a lot easier if you just tap that blue button. You’ll then be returned to the BookingBug and the booking will be marked as paid, as per the below:

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