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BookingBug is designed to be your primary calendar for running your business. However, we know that you might have existing appointments or your own personal calendar that you would like to overlay onto your BookingBug calendar. Similarly, you may want to export your booking details from BookingBug into your own personal calendar.


To overlay your BookingBug into Google calendar:


You will need to get the iCal link for your BookingBug calendar:


Click Configure.


Click Staff.


Click Show alongside your staff member and copy the Private iCal . You can also get an iCal link for your resources if applicable.


In Google calendar, click the Arrow right of Other calendars in the left-hand column, Add By URL, paste in your iCal link from BookingBug, and click Add Calendar.


Please note: For events based businesses, the BookingBug iCal link is not available from your account. Please contact to enquire about gettting this.


To overlay your Google calendar onto BookingBug:


Firstly, you'll need to make sure your Google calendar is currently being shared. To do this:


Click on the Arrow right of your calendar in the left-hand column.


Click Share this Calendar.


Tick Share this calendar with others and Make this calendar public.


Click Save.


Next, you need to grab your Google calendar iCal feed:


From the Share this Calendar tab, click Calendar Details.

Next to Calendar Address, click ICAL. Copy this link.


In BookingBug, click Configure.


Click Staff.


Click Edit alongside the Staff member and paste the link in the Calendar Overlay.


Click Save.


All information from your external calendar will now appear in your BookingBug Calendar and will mark that time as unavailable so your customers cannot book them.


Please note that BookingBug pulls from external calendars approximately every hour.


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