Creating Ads for JRNI

If you are a web developer, an advertiser or a reseller you can earn 20% of the subscription revenue for the first year of every single business that signs up to JRNI through your site. This can be as much as £120/$165 !

To create these ads login to your affiliate account and go to Ads

From here you can choose from a wide variety of differently sized adverts to fit into any section on your account. Simply select one of the different sizes and choose the one you like best.

You then simply need to copy the code for that specific ad that will appear in the box next to the ad image and paste it into the relevant place in your website editor.

If you don't want to use an image JRNI provides you can of course allow your customers to sign up through a single link, or your own image. To do this you can access your unique affiliate lin from the Overview section of your affiliate account. 

Any customers who sign up through these ads or links can be viewed in the Companies section of your affiliate account.

If you don't have an affiliate account yet you can sign up here.

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