Troubleshooting: Email Confirmations

I'm receiving too many/duplicate emails


Step 1: Check that the admin email has not been entered under a Resource or a Staff member.

View Resources: Configure > click Edit under Resources > click Edit alongside your resource
View Staff members: Configure > click Edit under Staff > click Edit alongside your staff member

Step 2: If you take online payments, check your Require Payments to book setting. Having this turned off results in two very similar emails - the first confirming the booking, and the second to confirm when payment has been made.

Gear icon  () > Advanced Settings > Online Payments

Step 3: If you have Step 2 enabled, check that the Payment Pending Email option is also ticked. This would also result in having another email sent.


I'm not receiving some/all emails 

Step 1: Check your email address has been entered correctly in your admin settings.

Go to Basic Email settings: Gear icon () > Settings > Notifications > Send And Receive (under Email)

Please note: Do not use email addresses for your admin email address. Yahoo uses a spam prevention policy which is incompatible with our mailing system - you will receive no admin emails should you use this provider. Customer email addresses are not affected.


Step 2: Ensure missing emails are not associated with bookings that were created/amended by the admin - by default, JRNI does not send out emails when the admin has created or amended bookings.


You can check to see who created/amended a booking by clicking Details alongside the desired booking when searching for it in your calendar, or in the customer’s profile.

You can also change what emails are sent and received by going to: Gear icon () > Settings > Notifications > Send And Receive. 

Some of my staff are not receiving emails

Step 1: Ensure the email address has been entered correctly in their staff profile.

View Staff emails: Configure > Staff

Step 2: If the missing email is associated with an event, make sure the staff member has been selected to run the event in the event’s details.

View your events by going to: Configure > Event Settings > Single Events/Regular Events 

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