Set-up guide: Health & Beauty businesses

This Health & Beauty guide will help you to set up your interdependent staff and treatment rooms, and give you a thorough walk through the set-up process and offer advice and feature recommendations just for your business type. Before you start, you need to make sure your Business Settings have been configured correctly for your business type. To do this, click the Gear icon () and then go to Settings > Business and make sure you have the following ticked:

  • Time Based Services

  • Physical Resources

  • People/Staff

  • Multiple Staff (only if you have more than one member of staff)

  • Multiple Resources (only if you have more than one treatment room) 
  • Multiple Services (only if you offer more than one service/treatment)

 Don’t forget to press Save in the bottom right hand corner once you have finished.

Set up staff
First, set up your staff members by going to Configure > My Business > Staff. From here, you will be able to add new staff members or edit existing ones you may have already created.

Set up staff profiles
Here you will be able to set up the various profiles of your staff members. For each member of staff, you can input their email address and mobile phone number, so they can receive email and/or SMS booking confirmations. Schedules can also be allocated to each of your staff members, our video tutorial can help you set this up.

Set up rooms
You may offer various rooms in which you hold your services. These are classed as resources. To set up rooms, Go to Configure > My Business > Resources. Like with setting up staff, you will be able to add new or view existing rooms here.

Set up your services/treatments
Here, you can set up the services that your business offers. For example if you are a beauty salon, these might be ‘Leg Wax’ and ‘Facial’ etc. To set these up got to Configure > My Business > Services. You will also be able to set up the Price and Duration of your services.

Set up interdependent staff and services
You may have services that only certain staff members can carry out, and you may also have certain services that can only be carried out in a specific room (due to the placement of equipment for example). Our Knowledge Base article can help you set these up.

Multi Service Discount

Set up a discount for when your customers purchase multiple sessions of the same service.
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You may wish to set up coupon codes for some of your services, offering free sessions, discounts and more. We also have a blog post on making the most of JRNI coupon codes.
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Repeat Bookings
Allow your customers to book daily, weekly or monthly repeat bookings.
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Irregular Staff Times
Do your staff members have different timetables week by week? This will allow you to set up different weekly schedules for your staff member.
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Combine Staff
Hide the option for customers to book a specific staff member, and allow the system to allocate them a staff member automatically.
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Booking Questions and Customer Questions
During the booking process, you have the option to ask the customer questions. This is a useful tool in case you need to know something about the customer that may affect their session (i.e. ‘When was your last dental check up?’, ‘Do you have any allergies?’). These can be set up either as Booking Questions or Customer Questions depending on whether you need these to be asked every time a service is booked or to have them saved against a customer profile.
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