Insights & Business Analysis

Use Insights if you want to make use of the data your business generates and create charts or reports. 

1. First, when logged in to your JRNI account, on the right of the toolbar containing your dashboard, select Insights.

Basic Insights Charts

2. To immediately see how many bookings you have on a specific time or date, create a basic insights chart showing your bookings over a series of hours, days, weeks or months.

3. In the Insights section, select Basic insights, and then you can select to View a chart displaying your bookings or revenue for a chosen date and for a specific Service. You can also create charts to compare revenues or bookings of different Services. Simply click the tick box and choose a service to display on your graph. 


Advanced Insights charts

4. To create a chart showing more advanced settings than the Basic Insights, in the Insights section, select Advanced Insights. 


5. In this tab using View, you can compare staff and resources by the amount of revenue they generate, and compare different months and weeks bookings against each other and your business average.


Here you can access your business data as CSV files if you don’t wish to view it in graph format. CSV files can be viewed through spread sheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

In the Insights section, select Saved reports.

You can then create reports based on Customers, Bookings or Payments.

In “customer reports” you can “create” reports for displaying your client information in more or less detail. E.g. Member details, member’s bookings by time, or all related information regarding each booking by a customer. 



In “booking reports” you can “create” reports on the number of bookings for each of your resources, staff or services for different times. Additionally in this tab you can view reports on your “events”, “single appointments” or “bulk bookings”.

Finally in “payment reports” you can “create” reports of online payments made to your business, invoices, purchases and records of all your members’ top-up of their wallets, and how much they currently have in them.

Saved reports

In this section you can download and access the reports you have created under Reports. To download a report to your computer you may need to right-click on the Download link and pick Save Link as... (or Save target as... depending on your web browser).

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