What are Members?

By enabling members, you can apply different booking settings for existing and new customers. For example, you might show your availability to the general public but only allow bookings from members that you have set up. To turn on member booking:

  1. Sign in to JRNI.
  2. Click Account in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click Configure Bookings.
  4. Change Member Booking to Take bookings.
  5. Click Save.
You will be able to create or edit existing customers and change their customer type to Member, send them passwords, allow them to log in during the booking process, and more.
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  • Unfortunately I do not have 'Account' in the right hand corner. I have over 1000 customers, some listed as member and others as contact. Can I change members to contact in a bulk or do I have to do it individually?


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