How to setup wallet credit that my customers can buy?

Wallets enable your customers to credit their account with real or virtual currency which they can then use to pay for bookings.  To use wallets, you must have online payments setup.

When using wallets with real currency, customers top-up their wallet and pay for bookings using the currency set in Account - Settings - Pricing.

You can set the minimum amount that your customers must top-up their wallet by and set a starting balance for new customers.  If a customer does not have a sufficiently high enough balance in their wallet to pay for a booking, they are given the opportunity to either pay the difference or top up their wallet.  In either case, they will need to credit their wallet by at least the preset minimum amount.

You can also incentivise your customers to top-up their wallet with greater amounts by offering discounts, for example, $250 credit for $200. 

When using wallets with virtual currency, customers top-up their wallet and pay for bookings using 'tokens'.

You can set a name for your currency (for example, 'credits' rather than 'tokens'), and create bands that set the price for a given number of tokens. This makes it possible to offer both discounts for customers choosing to bulk buy tokens and set a minimum amount that they must credit their wallet by.

To enable Wallets, go to Account - Settings - Extra Features and select Use Wallets.  Press Update at the bottom of the page to confirm the change.  This will enable the wallets setting page, which can be found by navigating to Account - Settings - Wallets.

Wallets can also be turned on or off per service or event / course ONLY if you price in real currency. To selectively turn wallets off, go to Configure  and edit the Advanced Settings of the Service. For Events or Courses, they can only be turned off per Group in Edit Groups.

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