Daily Deals

Within your JRNI account you can setup daily deals. This feature enables you to:

  • Take redemptions online
  • Gather the contact details of your customers for future remarketing
  • Manage your capacity and smooth the redemption process by limiting the number of deals that can be redeemed a day
  • Generate ‘upsell’ by allowing the purchase of add-ons or upgrades during the booking
  • Run different deal types – 1 part codes, 2 part codes etc.
  • Run multiple deals across different providers simultaneously - Groupon, LivingSocial, KGB, Wowcher and many others
  • Validate the voucher codes and direct the customer to the correct service or experience
  • Allow the redemption of multiple vouchers in one booking
  • Apply a deal to a series of bookings, such as 6 sessions

JRNI also allows you to make your availability compatible with any daily deals you are running with the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial, or even to create your own deals.

Setting up daily deals in JRNI

To enable the daily deals feature, click the gear in the top right-hand corner and then, Settings > Extra Features and select Use Deals under the Deals section.

Once this has been done if you head to Configure > Promotions you will see a Deals option, and from there you will be able to Edit this feature. From there you will be able to see all of the deals you have created and some statistics on how many of those deals have been redeemed, you can also create new deals.

To create a new, or your first deal, select Create New and follow these steps:

  • Enter the name of your deal - this will be visible to your customers when using the deal
  • Add a deal description -  this is optional and will be for internal use
  • Enter a deal reference - this is completely internal and can be left blank or could be the deal reference provided to you by the company
  • Select what the deal applies to - the deal can apply to just one of your services or event groups, or to a category if you have them configured
  • Set the expiry date - this date will prevent customers redeeming their deal after this date
  • Choose the type of deal / vendor - different deal companies work in different ways; some have only a voucher code that you can validate, others also have a security code that you need to collect. If you are unsure, we do also have generic options in this list
  • Set how many bookings it applies to - if your deal is either for 2 or more people (classes/courses only) or if it is for a set number of credits (e.g. 6 massages), then place the number here
  • If you run classes, courses or events, you can enable multiple bookings which will allow your customers to mix deal bookings and non-deal bookings in one single booking
  • Finally click Create 

Once your deal is created, you are ready to import your voucher codes. To do this, simply select Click to Import Vouchers and then choose Import codes, Copy Codes and Create New.

Enabling customer redemptions

Once you have imported your deals, your customers can now redeem them via your standard JRNI widget. You will now see that the widget contains the additional option: Book a pre-purchased deal.

There is the option of hiding this from your widget and providing customers with a completely separate widget that is specifically designed for daily deal redemption. To hide the deal redemption from your standard widget, go to Account > Settings > Widget and check the box titled Don't show a link to enter daily deals.

Next, to embed a separate widget for your daily deals you need to use the standard script but add an extra parameter inside the final speech mark: &deals=1.

This widget will hide your normal booking options and show only the deal redemption screen; many customers use this as an ideal place to direct daily deal customers to.

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