Set-up guide: Sport & Fitness

Whether you’re a personal trainer or a class instructor, this guide will walk you through the set-up process involved for your Sport & Fitness business. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your account and learn about some useful tools and features recommended for your business type.  

Who is this guide useful for?

  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Classes & Courses
  • Gyms & Studios
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Clubs & Teams

Before you start, you need to make sure your Business Settings have been configured to your business type. To do this, firstly click the Gear icon () and then go to Settings > Business.

If you offer one-to-one sessions

For ease of use, you may want your booking journey to require the customer to first select the service, followed by the staff member and then to choose a time based on that staff member’s availability.

To set this up, you’ll want to tick the following:

  • Time-based Services

  • Physical Resources

  • People/Staff

  • Multiple Staff (only if you have more than one member of staff)

  • Multiple Services (only if you offer more than one service)

Now you’re ready to start setting up your services and staff members.

 Set up staff
First, you can set up your staff members by going to Configure > My Business > Staff. From here, you will be able to add new staff members or edit existing ones you may have already created.

Set up staff profiles
You can also set up profiles for each your staff members. For each member of staff, you can input their email address and mobile phone number, so they can receive email and/or SMS booking confirmations. Schedules can also be allocated to each of your staff members, our video tutorial can help you set this up.

Set up your one-on-one sessions
Here, you can set up the services that your business offers. For example if you are a health & fitness company, these might be ‘personal training’ etc. To set these up go to Configure > My Business > Services. You will also be able to set up the Price and Duration of your services.

If you offer classes and courses
If you offer daily or weekly classes or courses, such as yoga or Zumba classes that have a set date and number of spaces, you should tick these options:

  • Classes and Courses

  • Events – one off or regular/repeating 

Now you’re ready to start setting up your courses and events.

Set up your Event Groups
Event Groups are categories that you can use to organise your events. You can either use the default groups provided or create your own to suit the needs of your business. An example could be Morning Sessions, Afternoon Sessions, Evening Sessions or Sporting Events/Concerts.

To set these up, go to Configure > Event Settings > Groups then press Create New. You’ll be able to choose a name, description and more.

Set up your Course
To set up your courses, go to Configure > Event Settings > Courses. Then press Create New.

Set up Regular Events 
If you offer regular events, such as a monthly social event or weekly class, you can get these set up by going to Configure > Event Setting > Regular Events and pressing Create New.

Add staff members and resources to events
If necessary, you can associate multiple staff members with the event, and even resources (spaces) if perhaps the event is split across multiple resources.
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Set up repeat bookings
You can allow your frequent customers to book the same time slot every week in one instance.
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Set up wait lists
This feature allows your customers to join a waiting list if the class or event is fully booked.
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Set up Google Calendar sync
You can sync each of your staff member’s JRNI calendars with their personal Google Calendars.
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Create multiple admins and logins
As well as being able to create multiple admin accounts and logins for your staff, you can also assign them different levels of access and authorisation.
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