What SMS notifications can I send and receive?

JRNI allows you to send the following automated SMS to your customers:

  • Booking confirmations - sent to the customer once they make a booking
  • Booking / session reminders - sent to the customer before the appointment to remind them
  • Post appointment follow-ups - sent to the customer after the appointment as a follow-up

To enable any of these SMS, you need to go to following area in your JRNI account:

  1. Click Gear > Settings > Notifications
  2. Click Edit in Send and Receive under the SMS tab.
  3. Select which SMS types you'd like to send to customers, choosing from; SMS Confirmations, SMS Reminders and Follow Up SMS.

With Session Reminder SMS or Session First Follow-Up SMS you can choose how far before or after the appointment you wish them to be sent. Once the SMS types are ON, click Edit to set the time interval before or after the booking that the emails are sent.

As a business owner you can also receive automated SMS when bookings are made or altered. To enable:

  1. Click Gear > Settings > Notifications
  2. Click Edit under Send and Receive in the SMS tab.
  3. Type you phone number in the text field under Your SMS Number

You can also customise the contents of all SMS from: Account > Notifications > Customise SMS

To make the best use of customer communications, you can purchase your very own number from which all communications come from. Have you read our article on SMS marketing?

All SMS are priced at £0.10 (+ UK VAT) or $0.10 per message.

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