How do I use event or course templates?

If you run lots of similar one-off events, regular events or courses, then you don't want to have to go through the whole process of creating a new one from scratch. To help make the process easier, you can create Templates. A template can be used to instantly create a new event, regular event or course with all of the settings pre-loaded - all you need to do is change the date, time, name as appropriate.

Creating & Using Templates
  • To save an event or course as a template, first you need to edit the details of that event
  • In the bottom right-hand corner, you can now select Copy to a Template
  • This template now appears in the main menu in Configure or under Edit Templates in the left-hand menu
  • To use a template, simply click Configure then click Use next to the relevant template
  • This automatically creates an identical event or course. Initially, it will be set to Disabled so customers can't book until you complete the last steps
  • Now you can then edit the details, date, time etc and then click Update
  • To make the event Active and bookable in the widget, you must select Make Active at the bottom of the page

Copying Events or Courses

An alternative, and sometimes simpler way, to using templates is to Copy an existing event or course. Simply find the event under Configure and click Copy. The remaining steps are identical to those of a template after you have selected Use


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