How do I upgrade from a free plan?

The free plan has the most basic and fundamental features of the JRNI system, and may be appropriate for some sole business owners. However, it misses out on a lot of advanced and useful features. 

For example, if:

  • You would like to embed the widget on your website;
  • You would like to take online payments;
  • Your would like to customise the look and feel of the widget;
  • You would like to send SMS confirmations and reminders; and/or
  • You would like to add more bookable staff or services;

then you may wish to upgrade your free plan to one of the other available plans. To see the features and pricing of each of these plans, please take a look here.

To upgrade your plan:

  1. Log into your JRNI account

  2. Click to Account & Settings

  3. Click Subscription. 

  4. Click Change Plan.

  5. Select the plan you wish to change to then click confirm. 

Your account will then be immediately updated, and you will be charged the next bill date. 

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