What are event/course groups?

Every event, regular event or course that you create in JRNI is assigned to its own Group. You can have as many Groups as you wish, or, you can place everything into just one group.

For example, a fitness studio might have different groups for dance classes, yoga classes, spinning classes etc.

What groups are for

  • A group allows you to organise your events together - they are grouped together under Calendar. You can filter them by selecting the group
  • By default, your booking widget will start at Group level - customers first select the group, then see the list of available events/courses
  • All different types of promotions such as deals, coupons or bulk purchases are applied across a Group

Categorising your Groups

To allow for greater categorisation of your events, classes or courses, you can also put your Groups into categories. You may have multiple categories but each Group can only be in one. For the majority of business, Groups are sufficient so please only use categories if they are definitely required, as they do add complexity to your JRNI account. 

For example, a fitness business may have multiple gym locations for its classes, so Groups for dance classes and yoga classes can be categorised by gym locations.

  • To set up categories, go to Configure > Edit Groups and then Edit next to the Group in question.
  • Next, select Set a Category and then choose from a list of existing categories or create your own
  • Once your category has been applied, you will see it on the Group details
  • If you would like your customers to first select the category, then the Group you can turn on this setting in Account > Settings > Widget Settings
  • You can now apply any promotions to one of these categories, rather than just a Group
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