What email notifications can I send and receive?

JRNI sends a wide variety of automated email communications to your customers. You can select which types of email you choose to send, who they are sent to and also fully customise their contents.

To change which types of email are sent, and you receives your email notifications, you should follow these instructions;

  1. Go to the Gear > Settings > Notifications
  2. Then under Email options, click Send and Receive.
  3. There are three section were you can choose when the following three emails are sent;
  • Booking confirmation emails (sent when a booking, enquiry or reservation is made)
  • Email reminders (These can be scheduled a period of time prior to an appointment) - read more.
  • Follow up emails (These can be scheduled for two intervals post appointment) - read more.

    The content of all these emails and more can be customised. Read our article about email customisation for more information.


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