How do I add and remove images for my booking widget?

Adding Images:

JRNI allows you to upload an image for each service/person and resource that you set up. This picture will be displayed next to the respective name on the booking widget.

  1. To enable this feature, you need to click on the Cog > Settings > Widget Settings and select Display Images in the Widget
  2. Next, if you navigate back to Configure you will now see the option in the left-hand menu entitled Images (or if you are using the new view, it should be under the Booking Settings tab)
  3. Select what you want to upload an image for (person, resource service) and click Create New
  4. Choose the item from the drop-down menu, give the file a name and select the file from your computer and click Create

Please note that the images should be as close to square as possible and should be as small as possible - if you upload very large images this will still work but it will cause your booking widget to load much more slowly on your website.

We recommend that if you have this option selected that you upload an image for every one of your services, people and resources.

Removing Images:

You can also delete any images you have added to your account.

  1. To remove an existing image, you need to click on the Cog and select Images.
  2. This page shows the collection of images attached to your account. Here you can edit the name and view the details of existing images by clicking Edit or Show.
  3. If you wish to remove an image from your account, locate the image here and then click Delete next to the relevant image.
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