Managing my attendee lists

For every single event, course or instance of a regular event, you will have your attendee list that shows everyone who is booked onto that session. 

Your attendee lists can be accessed in two ways:

  • From Calendaryou can click the '"x" of "y" taken next to each session and that will take you directly to your attendee list
  • From Configureyou can edit the specific event, course or regular event and then select Edit Attendees from the left-hand menu

Once you are in your attendee list, you view the details of each attendee's booking, see the number of tickets/spaces, and the customer information by clicking Details next to their record. You can also cancel the booking by clicking Cancel.

If you would like to see those attendees that have cancelled their bookings, select Show Cancelled from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You also have the option to move attendees to different events, print a list of attendees, or export a list of them. To do this, check the boxes of all appropriate attendees (or select Check All) and then from the drop-down menu either choose move attendees, export or print.

Finally, you can also email all of your attendees on a specific class, course or event. From the Event Details page (or attendee list), simply select Email Attendees from the left-hand menu and then:

  • Enter the email details, subject and email contents
  • Enter a description (internal only) in order to save the email for future use in Previous and Saved Emails
  • If this event belongs to a regular event, make sure you have selected the correct instance from the drop-down menu
  • Click Send To All Attendees
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