How do I add my JRNI calendar to a Jimdo site?

Once you have set up your JRNI account, you can the calendar on your Jimdo web site:

  1. Log in to JRNI.
  2. Click Publish and copy the code found under Widget, this widget has a default colour scheme. 
  3. Click Customise Widget and change the colour scheme if you prefer and copy the script to copy for specific widget on the following page.
  4. On your Jimdo web site, click the Add new element box where you want to add the calendar.
  5. Click Widget/HTML, paste your widget script from step two in the popup box.
  6. Click Save.

Your calendar will now appear on your Jimdo web site. Any changes such as your available hours and days on JRNI immediately reflect on your web site.

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