Coupons allow you to offer specific promotions to your customers. For example, you could run an email, leaflet or magazine campaign to give 10% off to all customers who received that marketing. Coupons work by providing your customers with a code, e.g. 'OFFER', which they simply enter when making their booking to have their discount applied.

JRNI allows you to set your coupons to have an expiry date, maximum number of uses and if they can be applied to one or multiple services.

Within your JRNI account you can set up the following coupon types:

  • Percentage off the total price
  • Discount the service to a fixed price
  • Reduce the price by a fixed amount
  • Buy 1 get 1 offers - for example buy 1 get 1 free, or buy 2 get 1 half price

To enable coupons, click the gear in the top right-hand corner, then Settings > Extra Features and turn on Use Coupons under the heading CouponsDon't forget to press save!

When you return to the Configure screen, you will see a tab saying Promotions and when you enter this tab you will see a Coupons section and an option to edit this feature.

Within the edit section you can create new coupon codes and view the existing coupons you have set up (including the number of times they have been used).

To create a coupon, follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the coupon code - this is the code your customers will enter to redeem the offer (the code must consist of letters and numbers only)
  • Enter the title - this is optional and will be displayed to the customer when they enter their coupon code
  • Select the type of coupon (as described above) and the %, price or money off amount
  • Set both when the coupon is valid from and to (this is the date range for which the coupon is able to be redeemed) and its use from and to (this is the date for which it can be applied to, e.g. the date of the service or class that they are booking)
  • You can set the Max uses which controls how many times the coupon can be used. You can also set the Max per person to control how many times an individual customer can use the coupon
  • If you ask questions to customers that have a price associated with them, you can choose whether to apply the coupon to these as well
  • Finally, you can select the service or event that the coupon is valid for - if you leave everything blank, then the coupon will be valid for ALL services or classes
  • Once complete click 'Create'

If you want to create a coupon that offers a service for free, use the 'Percentage Off' coupon type to set a 100% discount.

Please note that Coupons are different to Daily Deals. Daily Deals are for use in conjunction with offers for deal sites such as Groupon. They involve issuing unique codes to each customer. You can set up you own daily deals for promotions if you would like. You can read more about daily deals here.

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