A guide to Calendar for hour/day/week businesses

This guide explains the Calendar for businesses that offer appointments, day, and week-based bookings. If you run classes, courses or events, please read our separate guide.


  • You will see any upcoming bookings for the day here. You can click on the booking to view additional information. 
  • If you have multiple staff set up, you will see each staff member with their own column for a single day, click on an individual staff member in the left-hand panel to see a week of their schedule. This also works for Resources.

Other Dashboard Views

  • List View - click the gear on the right-hand side and choose List view to only see upcoming bookings. 
  • Colour code your services - click the gear and click Dashboard options, select By Service Type in Coloursand click Save. This will give different services their own colour on the dashboard, click the red, green, blue icon on the upper-left to view the legend.

Upcoming and Recent

  • See bookings in three different tabs, today's bookings, yesterday's bookings, and recent new bookings (bookings in the past 3 days). You can search or export any one of these tabs.

Searching for Bookings & Exporting

  • In Search, you can search by booking, customer, reference, and more. You have a number of parameters to choose from such as all future bookings, past bookings, a day range, and others.
  • Click Alter alongside a booking in your results to cancel a booking.
  • Click Details alongside a booking for more details such as duration, session, answers to questions, and more. You can even change the person who made the booking by clicking change next to Booker Details.
  • Click Export on the right above your search results to download a spreadsheet of your search results. You can choose to include customer details and booking questions in your export.

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