What widget parameters are available?

There are a number of parameters which can be used in the widget script to change the format of the booking calendar. For example you can get your resources to appear first, have a widget only for deals, bypass the groups of events, and much more. 

Try adding some of the following to the end of your widget script (before the last quotation). 

For example:

<script type=""text/javascript"" src=""http://us.bookingbug.com/widget/all.js?id=usw1234&width=730&height=570&style=large&group1=Resource""></script>

For events businesses:

  • If you would like to pass straight into the calendar and skip the event group selection: sessions=1
  • If you want to hide everything but the prepaid bookings options: no_items=1

For service businesses, use the following to change the order of the widget:

  • To display the People first: &group1=Person
  • To display the Resources first: &group1=Resource

Other widget parameters:

  • If you wish to create a deal-only widget, change the word all to deal.
  • To hide your daily deals (such as Groupon or LivingSocial): &hide_deals=1
  • To hide your products: &hide_products=1
  • To only show your products available for purchase: &products=1
  • To hide purchasing of gift certificates: &hide_vouchers=1

You can also create single widgets for specific people, services resources, categories, groups and events. Read more here.

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