How to vary prices at different times or days of the year

JRNI allows you to charge different prices for your services or resources for bookings at different times of the day, or days / weeks of the year. In JRNI we call this Schedule Based Pricing.

If you take day or week based bookings (eg. Villa Rental) you can charge different prices for different times of year (or maybe at weekends).

If you are a time based business (eg. a therapist) and take bookings by the hour, 15 minutes, 30 minutes etc then you can charge different prices for bookings at different times of day (or days of the week). 

To enable this feature go to Account - Settings - Pricing and in Pricing Schedules select Schedule Based Prices. 

Now when you edit the availability schedule of your resource, service or person (depending on which you price by) in Configure you will see a new heading called Schedule Prices beneath the calendar with the option to Create New beneath it. You can create multiple new schedules, each with a different colour coding. You then set each day, hour or week to be the correct colour and set a price for each one.

If a booking involves multiple bookings that cross different schedules JRNI will intelligently calculate the correct price.

Please note that you cannot use some other discount pricing methods such as Bulk Purchases are not available with schedule based pricing.


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