Other widget settings

As well as being able to customise your the size and colour of your booking widget, JRNI also allows you to change a variety of other settings. These can all be set by navigating to the admin panel and clicking Gear > Settings > Widget Settings.

For all business types

Change the way your booking form loads - The booking form loads once a client has selected their appointment time (or class / event) at which point they enter their details and confirm the booking. By default this booking form will load in a pop-up. However, you can change this under 'Booking form type' to try and allow it to open in-line, or as an entirely new window / tab.

Show time zone information in your widget - By default, the JRNI widget assumes that your customers are all in the same time zone as your business. To display this time zone, just check the box on this page and your time zone will display on the widget with a link to a time zone converter.

Display images in your widget - JRNI allows you to upload an image for each service / person and resource that you set up. This image will be displayed next to the respective name on the booking widget. For more information on how you upload images, please read this.

Remove the daily deals link - If you have daily deals enabled by default, the option to redeem a daily deal will appear at the top of your widget. If you wish to hide this option, simply check the box on this page.

For appointment, day or week businesses

Display a custom word in booked appointment slots - Simply check the relevant box, enter the word you wish to display (for example 'booked') and select Update at the bottom of the page.

Allow customers to skip the selection of your people or resources - If you operate an appointment, day or week based business with either multiple people or resources, then by default, your customers will be asked to choose which person / resource they would like to book. If you would like customers to see a merged availability and simply be assigned to the first available person, then you can check the box titled 'combine resources / people'. Please note that if you have multiple people AND multiple resources, only one of these can be skipped.

Hide prices in your widget - If you operate an appointment-based (hourly or 30 minute time slots, for example) business, then you can choose whether or not to display prices to your customers inside each time slot. By default these prices will display, you can hide them in this view by selecting 'don't show prices on widget' (please note that customers will still see the price when confirming their appointment and in their email confirmation.)

Use our 'request time' widget - By selecting this option, you will provide a completely different booking interface for your customers. The customer selects the service then the day and only then do they see if there are any available appointments. This option is designed to disguise your availability.

For businesses running classes, courses or events

Quick Render Widget - If you run a large number of events each day and allowing booking a long period in advance (for example, a dance class that runs 5 times per day every day for the next 6 months), then your widget may load more slowly that you would wish. If you enable this option, it will show events one day at a time (the client will select the day they are interested in booking and will then see the events that run that day), which will considerably increase the loading speed.


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