Salesforce Installation Instructions

JRNI Salesforce Installation Instructions

Installing the app


Login to account and navigate to Setup on top nav. Using the search field on the left hand side, search for Packages and open Create Packages.


Click on the Versions tab and select the latest version that you wish to install by clicking the version number. Once you are on that page you’ll see a Installation URL, copy this to the clipboard.


Login to your Salesforce Org and paste the installation URL into your browsers address bar and hit enter.


The Package Installation Details page will appear, check the details and hit Continue. Approve the Third-Party Access popup.


Continue through the installation process hitting Next and then select Install.


Setting user access

Once you have installed the app, go to Setup > Manage Apps > Manage Connected Apps. Find the JRNI app and click Edit. Under OAuth policies change the Permitted Users option to Admin approved users are pre-authorized and click Save. Repeat these steps for the JRNI Widget option on the Connected Apps page.

Profiles & access

Choose which profiles have access to the app as well as which tabs within the app certain users can access.

Go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles

a) Click Edit next to the System Administrator entry and under Connected Apps tick the JRNI and JRNI Widget and save. Do this for all other profiles that apply to your users in Salesforce.

b) Only the system administrator should need access to the Booking Config, Setup and Configs tabs. Under Custom Tab Settings set the Configs and Setup options to Default On and save the changes. For all other profiles that apply to your users in Salesforce you should set Configs and Setup to Tab Hidden.

Linking Salesforce to JRNI account

Select ‘JRNI’ from the top right hand corner’s drop down menu. Select the Setup tab on the left hand side. Enter your JRNI admin’s user name and password. Enter the JRNI domain that your account runs on (e.g., or to link your JRNI account to Salesforce. Please note that when you check the domain option your password will be removed so you must enter it again. You can then choose from two options. The first is to create a lead whenever an appointment is booked. The second is to create a Contact and an Account whenever an appointment is booked; the appointment then appears as an event that shows up on the Contact page layout.

Choose an option and you will then be taken to the JRNI Person Mapping page (if you have more than one branch then you can filter by branch using the drop down menu at the top of the page).

Select your mappings and then click on Save mappings for selected branch.

The Salesforce synchronisation with JRNI will then begin; it can take a few minutes.

Under the Calendar tab you will now see the JRNI calendar for booking appointments (if you have more than one branch on your account then you must choose which branch calendar to look at first).

Page Layouts

To make the JRNI appointments show up on your Contacts’ page layout, go to:

Setup > Contacts > Page Layouts

Click Edit next to the relevant page layout. On the page layout edit page you can now select Canvas Apps then drag and drop the JRNI option onto the page. This will display the bookings made for that contact, so please consider where you wish these to show up on the page.

Click Save.

You can use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select other page layouts and adjust them in the same way, saving as you go through them.

Uninstalling JRNI

To uninstall you must complete the below tasks:

  1. Navigate to Setup (top right navbar) and search for Schedule, open Scheduled Jobs and delete the JRNI Update job.

  2. If you have added New Booking buttons to any layouts you’ll need to remove them before uninstalling.

  3. Access the Configs menu and delete the config file

  4. Access the Installed Packages page (through Setup > Installed Packages) and select the uninstall option to the left of the JRNI package.

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