How do I use templates?

If you have events enabled, you will also be able to create templates for classes, courses or events so that you can replicate and set up similar events. 

  1. Click Configure from the top tabs
  2. Click Event Settings 
  3. Click either Courses, Single Events, or Regular Events, depending what kind of template you would like to create
  4. Either create the event that you would like to make a template of, or click Edit on an existing event that you want to replicate. 
  5. When you have completed all the details, click Copy to a template
  6. Now, if you click back to Event Settings, you will find the template you created in a new template list. You can now click on the template to use it and replicate a similar event, and edit it as is needed. This will create the event and simply mark it as disabled, until you activate it.  
  7. If you would like to edit the template, click Edit under Template. 

Remember that you can create as many templates as you want, in order to quickly set up new events that are similar.

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