How do I add my booking widget to SquareSpace?

"Once you have your BookingBug account set up, you can easily display your live booking calendar right from your SquareSpace page so that your customers can make bookings and payments online.


In your BookingBug account 

  1. When logged in, click on the Publish tab 
  2. Go to Customise Widgets 
  3. Here you can set the size and colours of your booking widget (read more here)
  4. Finally, copy the script which you will need to add to your SquareSpace site


In your SquareSpace account


1. Head to your SquareSpace account and login

2. Select the page that you want to take bookings from and then click Add Block


3. Select Code under the Content tab

4. Delete the contents of the box that appears and paste the widget code that you copied from your BookingBug account

5. Click Save

If you now preview your SquareSpace site, you will see that your BookingBug calendar has now appeared.








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