How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel an appointment booking for hourly, daily and weekly businesses:

  1. Sign in to JRNI.
  2. On Calendar, click on the booking you want to cancel.
  3. In the details pop up, hover over 'Actions'.
  4. Click 'Cancel booking'.
  5. Choose to just cancel the booking, or cancel and send an email as well.

To cancel a booking on an event, class or course:

  1. Sign in to JRNI.
  2. On Calendar, click on the attendance list (e.g. 5 of 10 taken) where the customer is currently booked on.
  3. Click 'Cancel' alongside the customer booking.
  4. Click 'Cancel booking'.
  5. Choose to send an email to the customer regarding the cancellation of their booking.
  6. Click 'Cancel booking'.

You can still view cancelled bookings by clicking on the 'Show Cancelled' button on the right-hand side beneath the attendees list.

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