Discounts for multiple number of bookings

Discounts for multiple purchases allows you to set different prices for different lengths of booking. For example, if you rent out a room for 1, 2, or 3 days you could set the price at £100/day, but if a booking is made for 4 or more days, the price could be £80/day. 

To enable this feature, click the Gear in the top-right hand corner then, Settings > Pricing and under Discount Pricing select Discounts for Multiple Purchases

In Configure, you can now set your prices. Depending on whether you set your pricing by service or resource, click Edit next to the relevant one. Here you can set your standard price, but also you can click Edit Bulk Prices. You can then set the price per day, hour, or whatever length of booking you have already selected, that you want to use.

Now, when your customers view the widget and make a booking, they will see the new pricing schedule when they select their day/time of booking.

If you operate Schedule Based Pricing, which allows you to set different prices for different times of day or days of the year, this discount option will switch to providing a percentage discount for multiple consecutive bookings.

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