How do I integrate with Sage One?

Sage One is the accounting platform for small business owners who are looking for a simple, lightweight, online solution for managing their accounts.

Integrating with Sage One enables businesses to sync all of their bookings and payments taken online through BookingBug (either online or by staff/admins) straight into their Sage One account.

Each booking is created as a separate invoice and is tied to a unique customer record and booking reference. As a new booking is made online, or the payment status is updated, (e.g. from unpaid > paid, or deposit paid > paid) the information will sync hourly with your Sage One account.

Note that integration is only supported by the UK version of Sage One at present.

Step 1 – Set up your Sage One account


Head over to the Sage One website where you will be able to sign up for an account.


(If you don’t yet have a BookingBug account you can find out more about our features here, and our pricing plans here.)


Step 2 – Connect your BookingBug account to your Sage One account


Within your BookingBug account go to Advanced Settings and click on Accounting Integration on the left hand side.





Select Sage One from the three options listed. You will be asked to enter you the email address you use to log into Sage One, along with the password you set up for that account.




This will take you through to Sage One’s website where you will complete the account connection.



You will then be taken directly back to your BookingBug account where you will be able to make any required changes to you system preferences. (Here you will also be able to revoke access at any time should you wish.)

Step 3 – Using BookingBug & Sage One


Once you have connected your BookingBug account to your Sage One account your booking and payment data will re-sync with your Sage One account each hour. As each new booking is created in BookingBug (either by the customer online, or by a staff member / admin) a separate invoice will be created within Sage One.



You can click on each invoice to view its specific details. Here you will be able to see the payment status of that invoice (paid, unpaid, part paid and any outstanding balance). Each invoice also contains a unique reference number that correlates with your unique booking reference within BookingBug, and a description of the service, appointment or event booked.


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