Set-up Guide: Services & Trade

Whether you’re a landscaper or wedding photographer, this guide will walk you through the set-up process involved for your Services & Trade business. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your account and learn about some useful tools and features recommended for your business type.

Who is this guide useful for?

  • Plumbers

  • Gardeners

  • Mechanics

  • Teachers and Tutors

  • Photographers

  • Driving Instructors

  • Mobile Hairdressers/Beauticians

...or any other mobile trades/services.

Before you start, you need to make sure your Business Settings have been configured to your business type. To do this, firstly click the Gear icon () and then go to Settings > Business - you’ll want to tick the following:

  • Time-based Services

  • Physical Resources

  • People/Staff

  • Multiple Staff (only if you have more than one member of staff)

  • Multiple Services (only if you offer more than one service)

You’ll also want to go to Gear icon () > Settings > Services, and change the Service Type to Variable Services, so you are able to factor travel/clean-up times into your agenda.

Now you’re ready to start setting up your services and staff members.     

Set up staff
First, set up your staff members by going to Configure > My Business > Staff. From here, you will be able to add new staff members or edit existing ones you may have already created.

Set up staff profiles
Here you will be able to set up the various profiles of your staff members. For each member of staff, you can input their email address and mobile phone number, so they can receive email and/or SMS booking confirmations. Schedules can also be allocated to each of your staff members, our video tutorial can help you set this up.

Set up services
Next, you can set up your service(s). For example, this could be ‘Landscaping’ if you are a gardener, or perhaps ‘Family photoshoot’ if you are a photographer. To set these up, go to Configure > My Business > Services and press Create New, or Edit an existing service. You will also be able to set the Price and Duration of each service here.

Set up pre/post session travel/clean up time
In Configure > My Business > Services, select a service and press Edit. Go to the Advanced Settings tab. Here you will be able to set up pre/post session travel or clean up times for each of your services.

Create individual timetables for staff
If your staff operate individually, you can set each staff member up with their own personal timetable.

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Create staff accounts
Give each of your staff their own account and log in, so they can view their personal timetable anywhere, anytime.
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Set up schedules for time restricted services
Do your services have their own ‘schedule’? If your services run independently from one another and are restricted to only running during certain times of the day, you can edit the service’s availability for booking.
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Prepare for sessions with booking questions
When a customer makes a booking, you may want to know about their preferences, history etc in order to prepare for their booking. You may even want to find out if they’d like to purchase/hire any extras.
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Allow customers to make a reservation/enquiry first before booking
Before booking, you can choose to have your customers reserve or enquire about that particular booking first. If it suits you, you can then confirm the booking.
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