SMS marketing and two-way SMS

We know that communicating with your customers is crucial for your business and SMS is a great tool to do this.

However, too often SMS messages come from anonymous numbers that can't be responded to, or worse, your customer doesn't know this and replies anyway but it goes nowhere.

To help solve this, JRNI allows you to purchase your very own SMS number that ALL SMS sent through JRNI will come from. In addition, you can enable two-way SMS which allows your customers to reply directly to your message - instead of being lost, the reply will go straight to your email inbox so you can follow-up with your customers. No more costly no-shows and missed communications!

This feature makes it a whole lot easier for you to contact your customers and for them to reach you directly when they’re on the move, increasing the accessibility of your business.

To start benefiting from this feature, follow this list of instructions when inside your customer account;

  1. Go to the admin panel and click Gear > Settings > Notifications
  2. Select SMS Marketing from the row of SMS options.
  3. Within this section you can choose whether you would like to utilise One Way SMS Marketing or Two Way SMS Marketing, then select the number you wish to use and you are good to go!

To read more about the different automated SMS, you can send visit this article.

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