Email and SMS

After customers have made a booking through your JRNI account, you want to make sure they keep their appointments. You also want to be able to keep in touch after customers have had their appointments. To help achieve this, JRNI allows you to send a wide range of automated email and SMS notifications.

From JRNI you can send the following email & SMS:

  • Booking confirmations
  • Booking reminders
  • Follow-up notifications
  • Cancellation notifications
  • Amended booking notifications


All SMS and email notifications sent from JRNI can be completely customised to make sure your customers get all the right information and that the emails come from your own email address so that they can reply.


As well as automated notifications, you can send messages directly to your customers. You can also send bulk SMS to all your customers at once, which you can do with JRNI, by getting your very own phone number from which all SMS will be sent. You can also enable replies so that if a customer replies to an SMS reminder or marketing message, you will be notified of the message by email, rather than the message simply being lost.

If you'd like to enable bulk SMS please get in contact with our customer support team at 


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