What advanced ticket options can I use with my events?

If you are running Events, Classes or Courses, then you can either manage them with a simple structure where all tickets have the same price and a set number of spaces (this is the default setting), or you can set up more complex ticket options including different prices for adults and children or group discounts.

Before you enable this feature you first need to know what each are for: 

Ticket Categories - These are used across all events and are to define the ticket type. For example Adult, Child, Student etc.

Single Ticket Pools - Allocate your ticket categories into ticket price pools. These pools allow you to set the duration each ticket is available for, how many tickets are available and the price.

For example you may set a single ticket pool under the name of primary ticket, of which there are 40 tickets available to be purchased the month before you are running your event.

Mix Group Tickets - These are tickets that can be purchased as a small group or family. When setting up these tickets you assign a single ticket pool which the mixed group tickets will be taken from.

So using the example of the primary ticket above, if you create a family or group ticket which consists of 5 people, when this ticket is purchased it will reduce the early bird ticket availability by 5.

Large Group Tickets - These are similar to mixed group tickets, they are just for larger groups, such as schools. Again the number that you enter for these tickets relates to the number of tickets you made available in the single ticket pool. 

Enabling Complex Tickets - Now that you know some more about how these tickets work, here are the steps you need to take to turn the feature on:

In your JRNI account go to the Gear in the top right-hand corner and then Settings in the left-hand column. Next click Configure Events > Change ticket groups > Use Ticket Groups > Save. 

Then return to Configure at the top, select Event Settings and edit one of your events. You will now see under the section Pricing and Tickets the option to select Complex Pricing with multiple tickets or prices, make sure this is selected and then select Save at the bottom of the screen.Once selected you will now see a new section called Tickets in the left-hand column, which you need to select. Now you can set up your tickets, remember it is important to set up your ticket categories first which will define the types of tickets you offer. You will then be able to create single ticket pools, mix group tickets and large group tickets.

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