How do I set up repeat bookings?

By enabling repeat bookings, you give the option for your customers to make a booking repeat daily, weekly, monthly for as long as they choose. A customer who makes a repeat booking will in fact be booking all occurrences of that, all at once.

Please note: When a customer sets up a repeat booking, he is only charged for the first instance of that booking (if you are using online payments). No recurring payment occurs, and further bookings are not cancelled should a payment be missed. We therefore recommend that you set up payment reminder emails under Cog>Advanced Settings>Online Payments to enable your customers to pay online for each booking as it occurs.  

To turn on repeat bookings:

  1. Log in to JRNI.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Click Edit alongside your service.
  4. Click the Advanced settings tab.
  5. Change the Allow ongoing bookings setting to Repeat bookings allowed.
  6. Click Update.

Please note this will enable the customer to make as many bookings as they wish. Repeat bookings are only available for service based businesses.

To stop the 'automatic repeat' for a given booking:

  • Go to Calendar > Bulk Bookings > Repeat Bookings and locate the recurring booking
  • Click Cancel next to that booking
  • Click the Stop automatic repeat button

Where possible, it is recommended that you or your customer set a fixed number of repeats when making ongoing bookings, instead of having the booking repeat 'forever'.

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