How do I sync my calendar with Outlook?

BookingBug offers syncing with your appointments calendar and your personal Outlook calendar. To do this you will need to get the iCal link for your BookingBug calendar. You can do this for appointment based businesses by following these steps:


Click Configure.


Click Staff.


Click Show alongside your staff member and copy the Private iCal feed (You can also get an iCal link for your resources if applicable).


To get BookingBug appointments in Outlook 2007 calendar:


Open Outlook, and select Calendar.


Click Tools.


Click Account Settings.


Click Internet Calendars.


Paste in your iCal link.


Click Add.


To get BookingBug appointments in Outlook 2010 calendar:


Open Outlook, and select Calendar.


In Manage Calendars, click Open Calendar.


Click From Internet.


Paste in your iCal link.


Click OK.

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