How do waiting lists work?

If you run classes or events, you might want to enable waiting lists. This will allow your customers to join a waiting list if the class or event is fully booked. Once they join the waiting list, they will receive an email confirmation. Should a place become available due to a cancellation, the first five customers on the waiting list will receive an email notifying them that a space is available with a link for them to click to accept their place (if payment is required they will be prompted at this point). If the space has already been taken, they will be told once they click the link. However, should another place become available they will be notified again.

Enabling & Setting Up Waiting Lists

Firstly, you need to have an event- or class-based business to enable this feature. If you have events configured, you are able to turn on waiting lists by going to the Gear in the top right-hand corner and then going to Settings > Events > Waiting Lists and selecting Wait lists from the two options presented to you.

Next, go to Configure, and click the Event Settings tab and press Edit. Find the event you wish to create a waiting list for, and press Edit. Scroll down to Pricing & Tickets and you will be able to set a maximum number of spaces available for this wait list. In the widget, when an event is fully booked, they can click on Wait list to sign up. Under Calendar, you will be able to see the number of spaces and spaces taken and the number of people currently on the waiting list. They will also be displayed accordingly on your attendee lists from where you can update their status to booked if required.

Please note courses and events with Complex Pricing do not currently support waiting list options.

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