How do I sync my calendar with my Apple Calendar app?

JRNI offers two-way syncing with your calendar and iCal. You will need to get the iCal link for your JRNI calendar. You can do this for appointment based businesses by following these steps:

Click Configure.

Click Staff.

Click Show alongside your staff member or resource and copy the Private iCal feed.

To add this using your Mac, go to Apple Calendar then click File, and New calendar subscription. Paste in your Private iCal feed, and click Subscribe

To add this using your your iPhone or iPad, go to your Settings then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Add Account. From here go to Other then Add Subscribed CalendarPaste your Private iCal feed here. 

To get iCal appointments in your JRNI calendar, you must first have an account and turn Calendars on -

Log in to

Click Calendar.

In the left-hand column, click the green Calendar Sharing Info button

Tick Public Calendar, and copy the link. 

Head back to JRNI, click Configure.

Click Staff.

Click Edit alongside your staff member.

Paste your link into the Calendar Overlay Link and change webcall to http.

Please note that JRNI cannot control how frequently external calendars pull from JRNI. As a result, your personal calendar may not display the same up to date live information that is in your JRNI calendar. Roughly, Google pulls approximately every 7 hours.

Please note: For events based businesses, the JRNI iCal link is not available from your account. Please contact to enquire about getting this.

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