How do I create a course?

A Course is a series of sessions that occur over a set period of dates and times - customers book and pay for ALL sessions at once. Examples of courses could be a week-long first aid course or a kids' summer football school.

To create a Course, follow these steps:

  • Under Configure, select Courses from the left-hand menu
  • This page shows you a list of your existing courses . To create a new one, select Create New
  • Enter the name of the course and the description. These will both be displayed to your customer when they are booking. 
  • Next, you need to place it into a Group. Add it to an existing group or create a new group. Read more here for an in-depth explanation of Groups
  • Choose the dates that your course runs for (or choose a recurring frequency from the drop down menu)
  • Select the date, start time (this is the start of each date in the course) and duration. Click Advanced Settings to add a custom duration or start time (e.g. Monday morning 9 - 10 am start)
  • Set the number of spaces – how many people can book onto this event/class
  • Set the price for the whole course
  • Set the max bookings - this is the maximum number of people that can book onto the event in one transaction.
  • Choose the ticket type - read more about these here
  • Set minimum time in advance customers can book and also the minimum cancellation period.
  • You can chose to send a PDF ticket attached to the booking confirmation email - read more about PDF tickets
  • Select what availability your customer sees when they book - number of spaces and spaces left,  number of spaces, number of spaces left, or nothing at all.

Depending on your business set-up, there may be additional options:

  • If you also have multiple people or resources configured, then you can choose which relate to the event from the drop-down menus
  • If you have Multiple Addresses enabled under Accountthen you will have the option to select the address
  • If you have added custom business-only questions under Account > Advanced > Extra Business Data, you can fill in the responses here

Once you have filled in everything, you can click CreateThe event now appears in the your admin calendar, is bookable by your customers and is visible under Configure > Single Event/Class.

If you would like to view the event in your admin calendar but do not yet want to make it bookable by your customers you can select Disable at the bottom of the event details page. You will be able to make the event Active at any time. 

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