Managing Advanced Time Settings for your Services

Showing your real time availability to your customers is beneficial, but what if you don't know what your calendar will look like in 45 days, or maybe your business will have finished trade for another season in a month or so? 

JRNI allows you to select a restriction on how many days your customer can book in advance, ideal for seasonal businesses and those with sporadic schedules, which will save you from having to cancel customer bookings in the future.

To enable this feature simply:

Login to your account, go to Configure > click Services > select Actions and then click Edit

Once you're here you will see a series of tabs, the one you need is Time Settings.

When you're here you can set the duration of your services, the maximum/minimum advanced time for customer bookings and you can even disable services for a time that works for you. 

After you've done this you will be set to go, without worrying about future customer bookings that you may have to cancel and with more time to focus on your business!

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