Booking Settings Tab

The Booking Settings tab allows you to configure your Business' Deals, Coupons, and Bulk Purchase options.

To access; from the Dashboard, click Configure.

The Booking Settings menu will be displayed. Click Questions to add and edit Booking Questions for your Business. Use companies like Groupon and Living Social to set up enticing offers for Customers and bring in new business for your company.

Click Questions to add and edit Booking Questions. Configure Booking Questions to gather additional information from your Customers when they make a Booking through your JRNI widget. These Booking Questions can be organised into groups, allowing you to customise the questions asked for each Service/Event.

Click Booking Text to add and edit Booking Text. Use this feature to add customised text to each of your Services/Events. Provide disclaimers and warnings, add additional description of your Services/Events, or provide additional instructions for prior to the appointment. This text will appear inside your JRNI widget when a Customer has selected their desired Service.

Click Addresses to manage the different locations of your Business. This feature is used to distinguish the location of Bookings made at your company, if it is located in more than one place.

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