Schedules: Setting & Editing Resource Availability

Resources may share a single schedule, or each have individual schedules that they adhere to. You can additionally set up multi-schedules to allow Resources to each have multiple different schedules. If your Business is open regular hours during the week but half-days on the weekend; this setting is for you.

To adjust the Resource schedule options; from the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Services.

Click Change next to the Service Type field.

Select the desired option (This tutorial selects Combination), then click Save. (Multi-schedules will be created.)

From the Dashboard, click Configure to open the JRNI Configuration menu.

Click Resources. (These Settings will appear when toggled on for your Business. If your Business settings have Staff, Resources, or Services toggled off, the option will not appear on the menu.)

Click Edit next to the desired Resource.

Click the desired Schedule setting to create an Availability Schedule. Time Schedules let you set the availability by time of the day, Week Schedules let you determine which weeks Resources are available, and Day schedules select the days that Resources are open. If you would like to use a combination of these options, click Create Availability Multi Schedule. (This is the recommended setting.)

The Availability menu will display. Click Create Another to create your first Resource Schedule.

Click Edit Schedule to set the weekly schedule for the colour.

Click the Blue icon to enable availability, then click and drag across the Availability Grid to set availability for your Resource.

Click Save.

Click and drag across the Availability grid with the color of your choice selected to set the schedule for the Resource on the desired dates. Repeat this process to create the desired schedules for your Resource.

Click Save.

Click Edit Availability to edit the Schedule. Click Delete Schedule, then OK to delete the Schedule.

From the Resource Menu, click Edit Hours - Edit Days / Edit Schedule to quickly view and edit Resource Schedules.

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