Adjusting Business Settings: Services

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Services.

Click Change next to the desired Service setting.

Services can ask a single set of Booking Questions to Customers as they book, or multiple different Question sets can be used for various Services. This setting can also be toggled off.

Services can have a single space to be booked, or can have multiple spaces.

Services can be scheduled based on day, week, fixed time, or variable time. Variable time allows your company to charge different prices for Services at different times of the day/week. Select Combination to use a mix of these settings.

If your Services are booked by week, use the Week Start day setting to set the day that the week will begin.

If your Services are booked by week, use the Non-start Days setting to set days that Bookings cannot begin on.

Use the Service Schedules setting to toggle Service Availability Schedules on and off.

To price Services differently according to Staff Member, use the Service Groups setting.

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